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We noticed many people want to start website for their business/shop/personal, but they don’t know where to start or how to start. For those peoples our response will be to use WordPress.

It has more potential why because lakhs of themes and plugins available for free to use. Of course WordPress is also free and Open source.

We know majority of people knows What is WordPress but they don’t know how to setup site, update content, etc. We start this Free Service to serve such kind of peoples.

What are the things we going to help?

1. We install WordPress/WordPress Multisite

2. We install Necessary Plugins depends on User Requirement

3. We do this Free Service for only needed people who don’t have sufficient funds to start with

4. We also do this service to others as well for minimal charge

5. We help to setup eCommerce Site using WooCommerce Plugin

6. We help to deploy your WordPress site into the Hosting Server

7. And many more depends on requirements.


What you have to do?

1. Register in our Site

2. Contact us with detailed requirement

3. We will get back within a day and help you out with your requirement absolutely free.

Please Note: We accept your donation either by paypal(optional) or buy our products for the above work to keep this service as long as free.

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